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Debunkers’ theories about 09/11 not supported: why?

The debunkers think that the aereal traffic inspectors, imployed on the supervision and on the identification of the diverted aircrafts, didn’t have required instruments to locate the planes that hit the twin towers on 09/11/2001.

In their opinion on that day the terrorists who got the aircrafts turned off the transponder, a component used for the radar-identification, to evade from radars. But it’s not true.

The informations signed on the radars by the transponders concern the height of the aircrafts, and even if you turned them off you would always see the primary signal that locates the position.

A video shows that the hijack about United 11 was announced on time; moreover the United 175′s transponder had never been deactivated (it could have been a mistake). Infact, in this case, the aereal inspector tried to come into contact with the pilot, clearly without any answer.

Besides, the American 77 has been followed for more than half an hour after the hijack, as the flight 93 of the United Airlines, that had never been lost from radars.

Why have the military acts never been applied?

debunkers theories about 0911 not supported why Debunkers theories about 09/11 not supported: why?

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